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ARCHITECTURE- Any image that depicts the design of a man-made structure or building.


CELL PHONE - Any image taken with a cell phone; non-cell phone entries will be disqualified based on the metadata automatically assigned to the image.


CREATIVE - Any image that depicts a unique perspective, including digital manipulation.


LIME GREEN - Any image depicting the color LIME GREEN (shades and tint of RGB color code #32CD32).


MACRO / FLOWERS - Macro entries MUST be at least 1:1 size ratio to be considered as true macro. Flower images can be any size depicting the blossoming part of a plant or tree


NATURE - Any image taken outdoors which depicts natural elements as the subject(s). Man-made elements included in the photo can disqualify the entry.


PORTRAITS - Any image depicting a living being, either in a formal setting or casual candid


SCENICS / LANDSCAPES - Any image depicting either landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes or nightscapes.


SPORTS / ACTION - Any image depicting a sport or action and movement.


STILL LIFE - Any image that depicts non-living subjects that are either natural or man-made


TRAVEL - Any image depicting an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs or history outside of the Spokane/CDA area.


WILDLIFE / ANIMALS - Any image depicting living animals, including insects, birds and fish.

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Submission Period:
July 13-31, 2020