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    July 13-31, 2020

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    Sept 11-20, 2020

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Time Remaining Before Submission Deadline

Submit Your Digital EntriesJuly 13-31, 2020

Grand Champion Prize*  $250

Whisky Notes by Miles Waterbury (Still Life)

Reserve Grand Champion Prize*  $150

Alva by Rachel Stewart (Portraiture)

LeRoy Nielsen People’s Choice Prize*  $75

Evening Snow by Terry Hamilton

LeRoy Nielsen People’s Choice Prize*  $75

Innocence by Rachel Stewart

Out of Darkness by Debi Newton (1st Place Architecture)

Concert Feels by Houston Tilley (1st Place Cell Phone)

Eruption by Corbin Staker (1st Place Creative)

Surrounded in Pink by Donna Larsen (1st Place Flowers)

*Prizes subject to change/availability.
Category prizes are limited to (1) item per photographer, per winning place.
Cash prizes will still be awarded to multiple category winners.

Time Remaining Before Submission Deadline

Submit Your Digital EntriesJuly 13-31, 2020


Categories 1-11 can be either COLOR or B&W | Category 12 must have a predominantly LIME GREEN color


    Any image depicting living animals, including insects, birds and fish


    Any image that depicts the design of a structure or building

  • 03 – CELL PHONE

    Any image taken with a cell phone; non-cell phone entries will be disqualified. Digital photos have metadata that identifies the device used to capture the picture. This information will be used to qualify the entries.

  • 04 – CREATIVE

    Any image which depicts a unique perspective, including digital manipulation

  • 05 – STILL LIFE

    Any image, which depicts non-living subjects that are either natural or man-made.

  • 06 – SPORTS & ACTION

    Any image which depicts any sport and/or action

  • 07 – NATURE

    Any image taken outdoors which depicts natural elements as the subject(s). Man-made elements in the photo can disqualify the entry.

Early Morning Brew by Elaine Giadone (1st Place Food)


    Any image depicting either landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes or nightscapes

  • 09 – PORTRAITS

    Any image depicting a living being, either in a formal setting or casual candid

  • 10 – TRAVEL

    Any image depicting an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs or history (outside of the Spokane/CDA area).

  • 11 – MACRO and/or FLOWERS

    The macro entries MUST be at least 1:1 size ratio in order to be a true macro – please look this up. All macro entries that do not meet this magnification will be disqualified. The flower images can be any size depicting the the blossoming part of any plant or tree. Yes, you may combine both macro and flowers in the same image if you wish.


    Any image  depicting the tints, tones and/or shades of the color LIME GREEN

Bee and Clover by David Huck (1st Place Nature)

Judges reserve the right to re-categorize or disqualify
any image that does not fit the category it was submitted in.


Submit Your Digital EntriesJuly 13-31, 2020


Red by David Huck (1st Place Color Red)

Registration Process

  • Step 1 – Register online.
  • Step 2 – Pay entry fee(s).
  • Step 3 – Upload digital JPG version online.
  • There will be no announcement for Finalists in 2020. All entries will be displayed online.
  • There will be no Print submissions this year in 2020.

Munching Chipmunks by Robert Stephens (1st Place Wildlife)


  • The Photo Competition is open to all amateur photographers.
  • Anyone earning less than 50% of their annual income from photography, will be considered as amateurs.
  • While residents of Spokane County are encouraged to enter, this competition is open to the general public in other states or countries. Finalists from outside of Spokane, can mail in the printed image to the Spokane County Fair Office.
  • The photo entry must have been taken by the person entering the competition.
  • Any camera can be used: interchangeable or fixed lens cameras, cell phones, action cameras, film cameras, drone cameras, etc.
  • Entries for the Cell Phone category must be taken with a cell phone camera. The metadata of each photo entry will be used to identify whether the image qualifies for this subject category.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted.

Sedona Nightscape by Nick Brommer (1st Place Travel)

Submission Requirements

  • Digital entries must be in JPG format.
  • Digital files must have a maximum size of 3840 pixels wide OR 2160 pixels high (or both).
  • Digital entries cannot have any watermarks or other indicator of any kind that identify the photographer. This includes the back of the mounted prints. Otherwise, the image will be disqualified.

Registration Fees

  • Each photo entry will have a submission fee of $5.00.
  • Entry fees will be used to award cash prizes for the winners in each category.
  • For every 5 entries, 2 free entries will be given.
  • To simplify the accounting for free entries, ALL entries must be submitted at the same time.
  • If photos are disqualified, entry fees will NOT be refunded.

Photo Mounting Requirements

How To Resize Your Digital Files


Time Remaining Before Submission Deadline

Submit Your Digital EntriesJuly 13-31, 2020


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Why is there a submission fee?

After many years of minimal prize money, the decision was made to charge a small fee that is similar to other equal size fairs. The entry fee money is collectively pooled for all awards and cash prizes for the winning photographers.


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Can we shrink-wrap our photos to protect it?

No. We prefer to standardize the presentation of all the entries, and do not want some prints to stand out from the rest. This minimizes its influence in the judging process. This should not be a concern however, as with this new process, many things have been initiated to ensure that the prints are handled in a far cleaner and more careful environment. This does not curb any viewer from touching the images during the show, but we constantly watch for this and have signs which state: “Please DO NOT touch the photographs.”


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”14″ width=”460″]

I see there is a Junior and a Amateur division for photography. Is there an age restriction for the Amateur? My son is 12 but wants to enter with me.

There are no age restrictions for the Amateur division. Note: The Junior and Amateur divisions are independently managed by two (2) separate entities.


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Why do we need to submit digital files?

Digital entries will be displayed on large screen monitors during the fair. The mounted prints of the top finalists will be displayed.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”14″ width=”460″]

Does the photo need to have been taken this year to be eligible?

No, the photograph doesn’t need to have been taken this year. It should not, however, have been previously entered in prior years of the Spokane Interstate Fair Photo Contest.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”14″ width=”460″]

Do you have to be a resident of Spokane to participate?

No. This photo contest is open to all. However, the prints must be delivered to the Spokane Fairgrounds Office by the deadline. See map below.[/text_block]

Where to drop off your print entries:
Spokane Fairgrounds Office

Aug 1, 2, 5 (9am-4:30pm) & Aug 6 (9am-7:30pm)

Spokane Interstate Fair Office Map

Any additional questions? Please call us at (509) 850.0479 . . . or leave a comment on either the Spokane Camera Club or Inland Outlook Photo Club Facebook page. We will be monitoring them regularly.

Spokane Camera Club

Spokane Camera Club


Inland Outlook Photo Club

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Submission Period:
July 13-31, 2020