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This website is meant as a direct conduit for any photographer needing help, education or knowledge. The individual channels inside 8 Feet Across are positioned to direct specific needs and information. We encourage anyone to stroll through this website and see which specific channel best suits your current need or interest. This site is updated and modified often, so please check back regularly.

8 Feet Across – The most effective and responsive photography based website on the Internet today!
Always Growing – Always Learning – Always Innovating


At our first meeting, four of the original founders were sitting in a circle and discussing the many elements each wanted to bring to this venture. One topic of discussion was “What do we call this?” We were all kind of “looking toward the center” and one from the group pointed towards the floor and said, “Hey look . . . together we are 8 Feet.”
This is how 8 Feet Across got its name and where it all began.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This group of four soon grew into well over a dozen photographers. These individuals with their unique and creative abilities had positive teaching techniques, encouraging a bonding into one very diverse team. This quickly formulated a “one of a kind” incubator where photographers from any level may go to learn, share, communicate, vent or resolve with regards to any issue relating to the photography industry. These photographers believe in sharing their knowledge and “paying it forward” to anyone who needs advice or assistance.

* Questions, comments and concerns are always welcome . . .


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